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City of Sandy Oaks


As Approved

2014-1      Newspaper of Record - La Prensa

​2014-2      Council Terms

2014-3      Texas Municipal League (TML)

2014-4      Bexar County Council of Cities

2014-5      Resolution Thanking CISO

2014-6      Adopting City Website

​2015-7      Authorizing Construction of Dollar General

2015-8      Adoption of Sales Tax

2015-9      Participation in ESD6

2015-10    Participation in CDBG for Fiscal Years 2016, 2017, 2018

2015-11    Establish PO Box for official city business

2015-12    Adopting Tax Exemptions

2015-13    Retaining Law Firm for Collection of Delinquent Taxes

2015-14    Newspaper of Record - Wilson County News

2015-15    VOID

2015-16    Joint Resolution - Bexar County Emergency Management

2015-17A Ordering General Election for November 3, 2015

2015-17B Pedido de Elección General 03 de noviembre 2015 

2015-18A Ordering Special Election for November 3, 2015

2015-18B Pedido de Elección Especial de 03 de noviembre 2015

2015-19   Authorizing Contract with Tiger Sanitation

2015-20   Authorizing Bank Account for Reserve Funds

2016-21   Authorizing Alderman to Retain Position when Running for Mayor

2016-22   Declaring Vacancy for Alderman Place 4   Espanol

2016-23   Accepting CPS Electric Bills for Street Lighting   Espanol

2016-24   Eminent Domain Reporting

2016-25   Selecting Newspaper of Record for Fiscal Year 2016   Espanol

2016-26   Retaining Lawyer for Real Estate Matters

2016-27   Accepting Bexar County Health Inspection and Permits   Espanol

2016-28   Local Government Purchasing Cooperative

2016-29   Texas First Group Replacement Services, Inc. for interim City Administrator

2016-30   Add 20 street lights to CPS bill

2016-31   Retaining Wayne Beyer to Perform Audit

2016-32   Authorization to Prepare Application for TDHCA Reservation System

2016-33   Retaining GrantWorks, Inc. as Grant Advisor and Grant Preparer

2016-34   A Resolution establishing the City Marshal’s Office no later than August 1, 2016 Espanol

2016-35   Approving the commitment of fund balances in accordance with GASB 54  Espanol

2016-36   Ordering a General Election to be held on November 8, 2016

2016-37   A Resolution adopting Investment Policy

2016-38   Authorizing the Mayor and Aldermen to serve as animal control volunteers
2016-39   Naming Newspaper of Record for Fiscal Year 2016-2017

2016-40  Authorizing City Clerk to submit annual report for Eminent Domain for 2017