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​4. What are the required procedures to have an on-site sewage facility installed and inspected?

Prior to any construction commencing on the property, a Professional Engineer or Sanitarian must be retained by the applicant to design a private on-site sewage facility meeting the minimum requirements of the Bexar County Regulations For On-Site Sewage Facilities and State Regulations (Title 30 TAC Chapter 285). The design and application must be signed and sealed by an Engineer or Sanitarian before being accepted. 

The application package includes: a properly completed on-site sewage facility application form; a Basic Development Permit and a signed affidavit for temporary electrical service (not allowed for mobile home construction); a Flood Zone/Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Certification signed by the engineer or sanitarian submitting the design; a subdivision plat or survey; a location map indicating property boundaries referencing location (USGS or FEMA preferred); a site evaluation form with required soil analysis signed by a Registered Site Evaluator; and a completed plan and/or design of the proposed on-site sewage facility on the lot or tract, drawn to engineering scale with north arrow 

Three inspections are usually required as the facility is being installed. Environmental Services shall be contacted at least 24 hours in advance to schedule the inspection(s). After final inspection and approval of the facility, the applicant will be issued a license to operate for a term of 5 years. If there is a malfunction of the system after installation, Environmental Services shall be notified before any repair work is attempted. Permits to construct are required on all repairs to the facility. Permitting fees vary depending on the type of system being installed, for further information, please call 335-6700.