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City of Sandy Oaks

Regular Meeting

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, we will hold a regular council meetings, which is presently at

13550 Donop Road, Elmendorf, Texas 78112 at 6:30 pm.

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings will be held as needed to communicate with the community.

Members In Office Effective 11-17-2016

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Mayor - (2 year term) - Karen Mendiola Tanguma(term expires Nov. 2018)

Alderman - Place 1 (Term expires 2017) - Brandon Smith, bsmith@cityofsandyoaks.com

Alderman - Place 2 (Term expires 2018) - Anthony Garcia, agarcia@cityofsandyoaks.com

Alderman - Place 3 (Term expires 2017) - Thomas Repino, trepino@cityofsandyoaks.com

Alderman - Place 4 (Term expires 2018) - Charles Fillinger, cfillinger@cityofsandyoaks.com

Alderman - Place 5 (Term expires 2017) - Douglas Tomasini, dtomasini@cityofsandyoaks.com

(Hold Over Under Texas Constitution and Performance of Duties)


City Attorney - Kassahn & Ortiz

City Clerk - Charlotte Rabe

Sandy Oaks Park Committee Chairman - Douglas Tomasini

​City Marshal - Jesse Gutierrez

                         (Oath of office taken as City Marshall on June 11, 2015)

(Marshal's Office and duties of the City Marshall are subject to TCOLE approval. For animal emergencies, call BCSO (210-335-6000) and 911 for all other emergencies.)