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City of Sandy Oaks


Our small city has done well, through the hurricane crisis. As the hurricane moves, the forecast of the weather changes, so stay tune to your local weather channels for the latest reports.

          The city thanks all whom have helped during the hurricane event, Officer Alex Ramirez, Brandon Smith, H Tex Guajardo and family, Gladys Fillinger, Charlotte Rabe and citizens (Walt and his group of ex-firefighters, COP, Nextdoor, and many others). As a result, our post hurricane damage was addressed quickly. We had a down power line yesterday that was critical and a few signs down today. All these problems have been taken care of, so far. Again, report to your Aldermen, myself, or the city clerk any concerns. One thing is for sure, disasters do bring the best out in people and it definitely brought our community together at the ground level. A community is about all the citizens working together for the common good.                                                                           Thank you, Dr. Mayor Karen Mendiola Tanguma

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Our recycling schedule is every other week.



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Messages from Honorable Mayor Dr. Karen Tanguma

City of Sandy Oaks Newsletter

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Texas State Senator Zaffirini recognized the City of Sandy Oaks on the Texas Senate floor last week as the newest city in the Eagle Ford Shale area. It was my honor and pleasure to represent our fair city at the Texas Capital. You can listen to the Texas Senate session and hear her speech for yourself. You can hear it at the 8 minute mark of the video.


Welcome to one of Texas' newest cities, located in southeastern Bexar County.  

The city was incorporated on May 10, 2014.